About Me

1438179791_l.jpgI am currently a high-school senior from a small North Carolina town. You could call me a technology enthusiast and
political junky. For years I have had opinions to express, lots of them, and now I have medium to vent them out in.

Several years ago I began my venture in the blogging world with “a100wwe’s blog of news, politics, and sci/tech” on tBlog.com which I later moved to Blogger. Not long after the switch to Blogger I lost interests in blogging and tried to regain that interest several times. This struggle brought with it several failed sites including “mooba” a site I hoped would be able to bring back interest but once again it failed.

I now have found that interest once again with the rebirth of my blogging activities with “Geek with a Blog”. With this I have learned from my mistakes and hope they will not repeat again. In the past my blogs have been purely non-personal and with this blog I hope to change that. “Geek with a Blog” will be a more open with a mix of that “news, politics, and sci/tech” with the added personal side I have been locking out of my writing for so long.

So once again, here is to the future.

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