Faithless banned by MTV

November 24, 2006

Director Greenhalgh: “War infects all our lives; recently it feels that this has increasingly become ‘our way of life’. It is rare to be given the opportunity to shoot a video that is deemed controversial. All I tried to do was make people think about the everyday life we live in our comfortable existences, and the contrast to that through war.”

If you were MTV would you have banned this video? I know if it were me, while I do not necessarily agree with the message of the video, would not have banned this. It is a very emotional and thought provoking video with a message, a true message. Unlike most of what fills MTV today.

 UPDATE: To me the video seemed anti-war, that is what I mean by disagree. I do believe war affects our lives everyday whether we realize it or not.


One Response to “Faithless banned by MTV”

  1. How could you not agree with the message of the video? It isn’t something that can even be disagreed with. Do you think that the war doesn’t effect the everyday lives of American citizens. If so, you need to get out more. No offense. Well, actually, I don’t care. Be offended. Whatever.

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