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No blogs in a while!

July 29, 2006

Why is it that I can’t stay focused on blogging?!


Rappers, History, and Drugs; how the future of America is in Peril

July 8, 2006

From the a100wwe’s blog of news, politics, and sci/tech (tBlog) Archives:

Well, today I am going to let you in on some personal information about me that pertains to my post. That is I am still in High School, it’s not been let out before simply for one reason. That reason is it never came up, but now I feel I need to bring up some very troubling and at the same time promising information about the future of America.

The youth of today, me included but not as bad as most, have no idea about there future, past, or present. The main concern of my peers are who they are dating, what some rapper thinks or says, what drug they are going to do after (or in school), or a host of other non-important issues.

In my history classes they have no idea about the basics of American government, challenges, or people that helped shape America. You may remember from my Martin Luther King Day post I stressed this same point. Well today it’s time again. But don’t worry Dr. King is not my focus for today.

The other day I had to debate a fellow student about something he heard in a Snoop Dog song about smoking pot with the President. Now we all know Snoop Doggy Dog is a great source for our political information, but this was scary. He also challenged me with other references to so songs and artist I have never heard of, but I knew the events were not true. He honestly believes because of what a rapper sung that Bill Clinton, George Bush (both), Al Gore, John Kerry, and several other past or potential Presidents are all part of a secret organization of weed smoking, power hungry aliens with the sole purpose of using Satanism to take over the world. This is a far stretch, even thought the weed and alien stuff could explain quite a bit.

To move on from stories from people who were probably high when they made it to the act of getting high. Drug use in my school is a serious problem. They have easy access to steroids, marijuana, cigarettes, ecstasy, and many other illegal substances I have never heard of. I will be honest to you, I have never done drugs and the closest thing to it is the laughing gas at the dentist office. The use of drugs at my high school could be considered at the epidemic levels. Few are untouched by there effects, and I am definitely in a slim minority. The attitude towards drugs, students and teachers alike, are minute and seen as a necessary evil. Those that do them are from the gothic to the cheerleaders. The drug enforcement officer is lax on his job, and would rather be doing other things than saving the life of child. The students do not understand the effects of the drug use; they find ways to justify the use. Some say it’s to feel good, others say it’s to improve their eyesight, and the list goes on. No matter what excuse you come up with they all fall to the human trait of wanting to twist events and actions around until they come out as the innocent one.

This post may seem all negative from what I have said so fare, but there is hope. There are those who don’t do drugs, there are those who know there Americana, there are those who can defy human temptations. All hope is not lost. I know of a handful of students who I can trust the future of America to. They will be they few that the masses ride along on the backs of, I hope that I can be one of these also.

If you look back at previous post of mine this seems out of character for me, well it is but I also represent a change in my blogging. I am now adding social issues to the blog. The issues will range from topics you just read to many other pressing social issues affecting America. I will also add some more user integration features into the blog to provide a more diverse web of topics. The main focus will no longer be politics; this new shift will allow many more things to be covered, and political and social issues will share the main focus. I hope you enjoy this new focus shift, and hopefully it will last for many posts to come.

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Return to flight

July 1, 2006

I was watching the Fox News Channel’s Discovery space shuttle launch coverage and I started thinking about what is about to happen. A lot is being risked on this flight, arguably the future of America’s space program. I hope we have a successful launch today.

Some say that NASA is a waste of America’s resources, and that we should re-prioritize our expenses. I’ll give it to them, with the amount of money that is spent of NASA we could fix many of the problems facing Americans today. But I think the possibilities of the future are more important than the current. With that just look at how much better our lives are because of NASA’s countless contributions to society.

Good luck STS-121!

FeedDemon is posesed!

July 1, 2006

I think that the latest release of Internet Explorer 7 broke FeedDemon for me. I can view the summary, but if I try to view the actual page of the RSS item FeedDemon crashes! I wish there was a way to switch browsing engines **cough** Firefox **cough** it would fix this until Microsoft fixes IE7.

If I can’t find a fix soon I will be switching back to SharpReader, and to be honest I can’t remember why I even switched from it in the first place.

Update: I’m starting to think something else is wrong, Firefox just crashed for the second time in the last day while just casually browsing.