Post #1, can it get any better

December 10, 2005

This is the first post here on my new Mooba blog. Mooba is a replacement of the old a100wwe’s blog that I started back in April of 04′ on, then moved to Blogger in January of 05′, and now replaced with this blog, Mooba.

If your wondering about the name, Mooba is a combination of two animal sounds. “moo” from a cow and “ba” from a sheep. That way your forced to moo everytime you say the name of the blog.

I hope to not let this blog almost die due to inactivity like my last blog, but we’ll see! I will try not to let that happen, I have a few ideas I’m going to try that will hopefully keep that from happening again.

Also, Mooba will my XBOX LIVE gamertag as soon as I get an XBOX 360.


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