Windows Vista Beta1 Released

July 27, 2005

Microsoft released the first Beta of its next-generation operating system called Windows Vista, codename Longhorn. This Beta primarily focuses on the basics of the OS and it will be used to test the basic core of the OS for security, dependability, and management. Many of the features useful for end-users are missing from the Beta and are expected to be seen in Beta2, which will be released either by the end of this year or the beginning of next. Beta2 will be more widely available and released to the public while Beta1 is for developers and IT professionals and is released by invite only. More information about this Beta will be available soon and I will update you on what I learn.

This is the first Beta release of the OS and follows on the heels of the naming of the product just last week symbolizing a fresh new start for the OS that has been suffering from problems of its long development time and loss of interest in the community, this is also the earliest Microsoft has ever released the final name of a product further evidence that Microsoft wants to leave behind the “failures” associated with the Longhorn name.


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