Windows gets a name, Windows Vista

July 21, 2005

Paul Thurrott of WindowsIT Pro is reporting that the next version of Windows codenamed Longhorn will be called Windows Vista. He says the announcement will come on Friday July 22, 2005, in a press brief that will arrive around 9:00AM. Lets look into the name to see why they would have picked that name.

Vista: Noun {C}1 – A view, especially a splendid view from a high position.2 – A possible future action or event that you can imagine.

Well it seems fitting since Longhorn’s Aero UI will provide a “beautiful” interface and will launch Windows into the future, and hopefully for Microsoft in a future that they catch up to the competition. The name sounds more like something Apple would choose than Microsoft. It doesn’t seem to fit in with the previous naming scheme that they have chosen to use since their inception years ago. I say that until I think about the name a little more and realize it follows the same scheme as Windows XP did. If you didn’t know the XP was short for eXPerience, which is what Microsoft used in the creation of that version to provide the most stable and usable version to date. Now with Vista they are showing how they have taken what they started with XP and are taking that to splendid new heights as far as you can imagine. Hopefully the name will go well with consumers, right now I’m undecided whether I like it or not. Time will tell. I will have to read over the press brief and see why Microsoft has chosen that name and maybe that will help make up my mind.


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