BrainDump: Return to Flight – Two Years Later

July 13, 2005

Image Source: NASA.GOV
A quick and unedited “dump” of my thoughts on our return to flight, written at 12:30AM so please forgive me. (I need to do this stuff earlier!)

Today we return to flight. We as a people have been grounded since the dawn of time, stuck on this rock we call Earth, and in just the past century for the first time we were able to leave and enter a world like no other before. It was the call and the innovations made in the recent past that have allowed us the leave Earth and enter space to go where no man has gone before. The early years of our race to space were full of mishaps and failures but when we got it right we got it right. We put a man in space, a man on the moon, limits to our abilities seemed to no longer exist. The limitations of man had disappeared we could now come and go as we please. The journey to space was not easy but it was something that had to be done. Space flights in the early years were exciting and new but in the more recent days we began to see space travel as not begin a big deal and the excitement ceased. Two years ago the space shuttle exploded and Americans and the world began to cry out and wanted to know what went wrong. The world shutdown for full focus on the events, the world stood still once again because of an event in space. It was a disaster that put our focus back on the space missions, we cared again, we knew we had to return to space. NASA grounded the shuttles for nearly two years to examine what went wrong and try to fix it, and today we return to space. We will no longer we stuck on the rock, we will no longer have the limitations of this planet stopping us, we will go back to where few men have gone before, we will be back in space! Good Luck and God Speed.


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