I’m Back, and hopefully better than ever

July 2, 2005

Well its been a while since I posted on my blog. Lots of things have been going on that have kept me from having the time to post. It seems that I have missed out on a lot; from the new face of the Supreme Court to the missing girl in Aruba to Microsoft’s plans to include RSS in Longhorn. The past few days I spent working on a new design for the blog that I hope works better than the old one. I grew tired of that old one and felt it looked to messy so I spent hours staring at code to get this one just right. Hopefully you will enjoy the new look of the blog and I hope this new design and layout allows me to be more flexible in the content. I think I may take a new direction with my blog post by doing something like a week-in-review maybe on Fridays where I will briefly discuss the weeks events. Who knows where things will go. It seems like when I switched to Blogger I lost interest in daily posts so maybe now I will get back to the roots and start blogging again.


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