It’s official: Apple switches to Intel, leaves IBM behind

June 6, 2005

Apple Computer’s Steve Jobs announced that Apple will switch to Intel processors completely by 2007 and begin the transition in 2006. Jobs said that OSX has been designed for years to run on Intel hardware, but it was kept secret. “Mac OS X has been leading a secret double life the past five years”, Jobs said. A new development kit for the Intel line is available now for the price of $999. Some developers see this as a major headache and claim that the PowerPC is a better processor than anything Intel has. The new Apples will run on the same hardware as Microsoft’s Windows OS does; which makes me wonder will we now see OSX sold at Walmart like we do with Windows, and will the average PC running Intel hardware be able to run OSX? Sounds like I have some research to do.

**Update: It looks like Apple will use the same chips as Windows PCs but will not sell OSX for anything other than Apple hardware. It is thought that Apple will allow users to dualboot Windows and OSX on Apple hardware but not the other way around. I give it six months to a year before OSX will run on a Dell PC thanks to our friends the hackers.**

Apple Shifts to Intel Chips


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