Is Microsoft-Linux Coming?

February 26, 2005

I read this very interesting artice in PC Magazine and it made me think. Will Microsoft enter the X market? I have suspected this for a long time, ever since the MS VS LINUX wars began. It WOULD make since for Microsoft to want to enter the Linux market. A Winux, MS-Linux, or Lindows product from Microsoft could allow them to kill Linux like the article says. There are even rumors that Microsoft is developing a layered OS version of Windows that would allows multiple OS’s to run withing Windows like they were Windows applications. I guess this would work by using an emulator that Windows would process and reconfigure to work inside of Windows. So what I want to know is another OS on the table for Microsoft. Could they enter the Linux, or even Mac, markets? I guess only time will tell from Microsoft.


6 Responses to “Is Microsoft-Linux Coming?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It already exists – its called “CoLinux”. Go Google.

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