Schiavo does not need to die

February 24, 2005

I was on the blog and I found this very interesting video. Based on the video it seems to be that Shiavo is in a state in which pulling the tube would be “cruel and unusual”. She is a living, breathing human being who deserves to live as long as she is mentally alert.

Questions on the Videos

There are some that doubt the Terri Schiavo videos, questioning when they were taken and that perhaps she has deterioated since then. The facts are these:

After her accident, she never fully recovered. She was diagnosed then as having PVS. That diagnosis was the basis of Michael’s malpractice award. After that point was when the fight to take the feeding tube from Terri began.

If at any point during the time of her accident and now she displayed the activities that are depicted in the video then the diagnosis of PVS is false. PVS is a permanent condition, you cannot come out of it and come back in (see the NHS definition here). PVS is a permanent condition defined as having no awareness of their surroundings or make any voluntary movements. The videos show that she has been doing exactly that.

Terri has been without rehabilitative care or anything that goes along with it for 12 years. Many medical professionals are hopeful of her recovery and she should be given that opportunity to recover.



One Response to “Schiavo does not need to die”

  1. TJ Says:

    … that is exactly right; Terri should not be murdered. There is an interesting read here

    NIFThe Wide Awakes

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