Connected Coast to Coast… what drug is MSNBC on?

February 22, 2005

Well I just watch the new show on MSNBC for the first time all the way through, very challenging not to pick up the remote and change it, called “Connected Coast to Coast”. When I first heard the name I thought, “Great! They gave Art Bell or George Noory a show on MSNBC!” simply to say I was wrong. This show is supposedly meant to connect the computer inclined to the cable news networks. Since MSNBC is a part of MSN and Microsoft a show like this makes since, but they have delivered it poorly.

Dr. Monica Crowley is not to bad on the show. She offers a somewhat conservative view, but stays within the realm of political correctness. She offers a good personality for the show, but Ron Reagan is a different story.

Ron Reagan is nothing like his father. He is stiff and seems like he is reading of a teleprompter the entire time. His views are offensive to me, but that’s his option. For example he talked about a move in Washington state that would split it between the conservative and liberal sides of the state. He made conservatives out to be stupid, homophobic ( by dismissing all possibilities that anyone could have another view than him), bad cooking, rednecks that would have no way of running there own state. While I might agree with a separation of Washington being a stupid idea, his way of presenting it was not the best*.

All in all CC2C I think will fail when it is said in done with, just look at these ratings I found on on how successful the show has been:

12 to 1pm: 0.1 / 61,000 P2+ viewers / 30,000 P25-54
Vs. Jan. 05 avg: 0.2 / 151,000 P2+ viewers / 61,000 P25-54
5 to 6pm: 0.1 / 129,000 P2+ viewers / 20,000 P25-54
Vs. Jan. 05 avg: 0.2 / 194,000 P2+ viewers / 55,000 P25-54

Notice the ratings are almost cut 50% since January. Hopefully Tucker Carlson’s new show will do well, the last new show on MSNBC I liked was Joe Scarborough’s show. So maybe there is hope for conservatives on MSNBC. (HINT TO MSNBC: Forget the ballerina and get some real journalist, not uninformed liberals who are only successful because of his name!)

*I’m all for him stating his mind, but he needs to be a little less sheltered and leave the liberal cloud that makes him think this way, so narrow minded.


One Response to “Connected Coast to Coast… what drug is MSNBC on?”

  1. LOL I love the MSNBC picture. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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