Bush says Diplomacy with Iran is first choice , but says war is an option

February 18, 2005

To be brief I believe the US is not getting involved with the EU and Iran talks so that this leaves an open door for the US to clean up the mess. Chances are the EU will not succeed and since the diplomatic ties will break it would now mean something else would have to happen. That something else, based on previous events, would be the US dealing with it. I believe we would have brief talks that would fail and ultimately lead up to an attack on Iran.

Bush declares solidarity with Europe on Iran Diplomacy is first choice, he says, but force cannot be ruled out
MSNBC News Services
Updated: 3:51 p.m. ET Feb. 18, 2005

BRUSSELS – President Bush said Friday that Iran is trying to use the United States’ refusal to join European talks over Tehran’s nuclear program as an excuse for not giving up uranium enrichment.
In interviews on the eve of a trip by the president to Europe, Bush stressed that the United States preferred diplomacy and did not want to use military action against Iran over the nuclear question.
“What they’re trying to do is kind of wiggle out. They’re trying to say, ‘Well, we won’t do anything because America is not involved.’ Well, America is involved. Read More…


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