Could NY Go Red in 08′

February 11, 2005

Is New York Republican Country?

Will Rudy and Hillary go head to head?
Updated: 2/11/2005 9:07 AM
Jola Szubielski

They haven’t made any official announcements as yet, but
there is wide speculation both former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and
Senator Hillary Clinton will seek the White House in 2008.
Martin Reid of
the Rensselaer County Legislature said, “This is both the big shot for both of
them. They have to grab the brass ring.”
A recent CNN Gallup poll has
Giuliani and Clinton as the front runners for their respective party

Albany Common Council President Helen Desfosses said,
“Hillary is moving to the center, and who knows, the Republicans are in
considerable disarray for 2008. They really don’t have an heir apparent to
Reid and Desfosses said both Giuliani and Clinton have a good shot.
Each has the political experience and prestige to win, but each faces their own
Reid said, “Giuliani can run now, whereas Hillary has to get
through her re-election in 2006.”

Desfosses said, “I think it’s much
more likely that Hillary Clinton is going to end up the Democratic nominee
than…Giuliani is going to end up the Republican nominee. He’s very liberal for
a Republican.”

But still some in the Capital Region have already picked
their choice.
Mike Hartigan of Albany said, “I’d vote for Guiliani. I think
he did a great job in New York City, really turned the city around. Early in my
career I spent a lot of time in New York City, and it wasn’t a place I’d like to
be. Today, I don’t mind going down there. It’s fun to be there. It’s a
cleaned-up city. I think he can do that same kind of thing for the nation.”

Mary Ferguson-DeWitt of Albany said, “I would vote for Hillary Clinton.
I’m a supporter of hers. I really like her policies. I like what she’s done in
the Senate, and think she’s for people.”

But whatever the outcome,
people from the Capital Region said two candidates from New York could only
benefit the state.

From what I know, and I am not a New Yorker, Giuliani is more loved than Hillary by hardcore New York. He is not my first choice for a repbulican President, but he is acceptable. If I had my pick Pat Buchanan would be in office so that might tell you something. Giuliani is a progressive Republican with liberal views on many social issues. Like his lives with gay guys. I don’t think he could easily win the support of right-wingers like Pat Robertson. What the future holds in 08′ has yet to be seen, but mark my words Giuliani and Hillary whether they run or not will effect that election.


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