Microsoft’s Tweak that gets UnTweaked then Tweaked Again!

January 30, 2005


Microsoft was told a few months ago that they had to release a version of Windows in the EU that had Media Player taken out of. So Microsoft agreed. The version was called Windows XP Reduced Media Edition. I kid you not! The EU was not amused and told Microsoft to change it. Insiders say Microsoft knew that that wouldn’t fly, but they just wanted to get underneath the EU’s skin. I have to ask you if you saw two versions of Windows XP one called Windows XP Home Edition and another called Windows XP Reduced Media Edition which would you choose? I think hands down you wouldn’t want to buy a “Reduced” edition of anything. So far we do not know what the new version will be called, but I do know I think this is stupid all together. The Accessibly Options menu in Windows allows you to prevent access to certain programs. Why Microsoft couldn’t have just had it turned off at install and the EU be happy seems odd. But the EU doesn’t want it at all, even though you could easily just download it later on.

My Solution is release Windows XP EUxclusive but not under Microsoft’s name. Have a third party release it. This would mean Microsoft would not have to support the product, so compatibility with other programs could be stripped and access to Windows Update denied. Show the EU that an American company can do what ever it wants, they need to show that the American powerhouse and 500 pound guerrilla Microsoft will not let the EU bully them around. American Superiority in Europe shall prevail through Microsoft.


3 Responses to “Microsoft’s Tweak that gets UnTweaked then Tweaked Again!”

  1. Noah Bawdy Says:

    I for one am sick of the “Microsoft is the root of all evil groups”. It’s even more tiring and old than the “Blame Bush for everything” groups. There were ample opportunities for other companies to overtake MicroSnot. From Dr DOS to OS/2 to Lotus, To Ashton Tate to IBM to Borland. All of which had MicroSnot reeling at one time or another. MicroSnot won. They had the better business plan. They had what the market demanded. Yeah it’s buggy. But it’s what the consumer bought. The fact is the EU can’t stand Capitalism. They can’t allow the consumer to make a choice. If I were Bill Gates I’d take a page out of “Atlas Shrugged” and say “Fine. We won’t sell Windows in the EU. Find something better A-Holes.”

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If Microsoft are an example of American Superiority, we in the EU can all sleep safely, knowing that America is a JOKE.

  3. mooba Says:

    and we Americans can all sleep fine knowing that the EU does not understand the greatness of America. As a Bush fan I say our next target should be the EU. We need more land anyway so why not take Europe?

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