Rappers, History, and Drugs; how the future of America is in Peril

January 26, 2005
Social Changes in America
::The following is a post from the old blog created on Jan 25, 2005::

Well, today I am going to let you in on some personal information about me that pertains to my post. That is I am still in High School, it’s not been let out before simply for one reason. That reason is it never came up, but now I feel I need to bring up some very troubling and at the same time promising information about the future of America.
The youth of today, me included but not as bad as most, have no idea about there future, past, or present. The main concern of my peers are who they are dating, what some rapper thinks or says, what drug they are going to do after (or in school), or a host of other non-important issues.
In my history classes they have no idea about the basics of American government, challenges, or people that helped shape America. You may remember from my Martin Luther King Day post I stressed this same point. Well today it’s time again. But don’t worry Dr. King is not my focus for today.
The other day I had to debate a fellow student about something he heard in a Snoop Dog song about smoking pot with the President. Now we all know Snoop Doggy Dog is a great source for our political information, but this was scary. He also challenged me with other references to so songs and artist I have never heard of, but I knew the events were not true. He honestly believes because of what a rapper sung that Bill Clinton, George Bush (both), Al Gore, John Kerry, and several other past or potential Presidents are all part of a secret organization of weed smoking, power hungry aliens with the sole purpose of using Satanism to take over the world. This is a far stretch, even thought the weed and alien stuff could explain quite a bit.
To move on from stories from people who were probably high when they made it to the act of getting high. Drug use in my school is a serious problem. They have easy access to steroids, marijuana, cigarettes, ecstasy, and many other illegal substances I have never heard of. I will be honest to you, I have never done drugs and the closest thing to it is the laughing gas at the dentist office. The use of drugs at my high school could be considered at the epidemic levels. Few are untouched by there effects, and I am definitely in a slim minority. The attitude towards drugs, students and teachers alike, are minute and seen as a necessary evil. Those that do them are from the gothic to the cheerleaders. The drug enforcement officer is lax on his job, and would rather be doing other things than saving the life of child. The students do not understand the effects of the drug use; they find ways to justify the use. Some say it’s to feel good, others say it’s to improve their eyesight, and the list goes on. No matter what excuse you come up with they all fall to the human trait of wanting to twist events and actions around until they come out as the innocent one.
This post may seem all negative from what I have said so fare, but there is hope. There are those who don’t do drugs, there are those who know there Americana, there are those who can defy human temptations. All hope is not lost. I know of a handful of students who I can trust the future of America to. They will be they few that the masses ride along on the backs of, I hope that I can be one of these also.
If you look back at previous post of mine this seems out of character for me, well it is but I also represent a change in my blogging. I am now adding social issues to the blog. The issues will range from topics you just read to many other pressing social issues affecting America. I will also add some more user integration features into the blog to provide a more diverse web of topics. The main focus will no longer be politics; this new shift will allow many more things to be covered, and political and social issues will share the main focus. I hope you enjoy this new focus shift, and hopefully it will last for many posts to come.


One Response to “Rappers, History, and Drugs; how the future of America is in Peril”

  1. mooba Says:

    Comments from old blog
    » RedTigress Tuesday 01.25.05 [4:12 pm]

    Well, you seem like a very intelligent young person. When I was in highschool, I found these same issues you are speaking of to be incredible. I totally identify.

    I commend you on your intellect and I am glad at least one future leader of the free world is fit to lead.

    » newbie [outside user] Wednesday 01.26.05 [9:19 am]

    you are a racist. you blame rap music, always place blame on others for your own failures.

    yet limbugh does drugs people get news from him.
    » LynnKramer Wednesday 01.26.05 [8:22 am]

    I really hater the bad wrappers we get these days. Did you ever try to unwrap something after it has be bad wrapped? You cout cut me bad you wrappers.

    This is to voice my dissatisfaction with Bad Wrappers’s wheelings and dealings. It is requisite, even in this summary sketch, to go back a few years to see how I would be surprised if Bad Wrappers stopped to communicate and share ideas with even one of the people it regularly attacks. Its brethren probably don’t realize that, because it’s not mentioned in the funny papers or in the movies. Nevertheless, if you’ve never seen Bad Wrappers use mass organization as a system of integration and control, you’re either incredibly unobservant or are concealing the truth from yourself. Bad Wrappers, get a life! It’s my understanding that scrutinizing Bad Wrappers’s harangues may be instructive in this regard, and if you don’t believe me, then you should take stock of what we know, identify areas for further research, and provide a useful starting point for debate on Bad Wrappers’s blinkered press releases.

    As it turns out, Bad Wrappers is always trying to change the way we work. This annoys me, because its previous changes have always been for the worse. I’m positive that Bad Wrappers’s new changes will be even more conniving, because people often get the impression that narrow-minded knuckleheads and Bad Wrappers’s myrmidons are separate entities. Not so. When one catches cold, the other sneezes. As proof, note that I’m not a psychiatrist. Sometimes, though, I wish I were, so that I could better understand what makes organizations like Bad Wrappers want to kill the messenger and control the message. Each liberated mind that examines all of the evidence is a break in the chains that bind us all. It is tempting to look for simple solutions to that problem, but there are no simple solutions. Bad Wrappers respects nothing and no one. And that’s why I’m writing this letter; this is my manifesto, if you will, on how to burn away social illness, exploitation, and human suffering. There’s no way I can do that alone, and there’s no way I can do it without first stating that if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem. You might have heard the story that Bad Wrappers once agreed to help us champion the force of goodness against the greed of the worst classes of addlepated pinheads I’ve ever seen. No one has located the document in which Bad Wrappers said that. No one has identified when or where Bad Wrappers said that. That’s because it never said it. As you might have suspected, I sincerely insist that many of Bad Wrappers’s rantings have been criticized for being slanted in favor of a particular stance. My views, of course, are not the issue here. The issue is that it twists every argument into some sort of “struggle” between two parties. Bad Wrappers unvaryingly constitutes the underdog party, which is what it claims gives it the right to sugarcoat the past and dispense false optimism for the future.

    It is undeniable by anyone but temperamental ragamuffins that you and I indeed have a lot more class than Bad Wrappers. This is not rhetoric. This is reality. People who are attacked by incompetent ex-cons basically have three options. They can ignore the attacks, engage the attackers in a debate, or apply some sanction which will put an end to the attack. If you think about it, it is not news that we must speak neither of the past nor of the far future but rather focus on the here and now, specifically on the daunting matter of Bad Wrappers’s selfish cock-and-bull stories. What speaks volumes, though, is that it is right about one thing, namely that fear is what motivates us. Fear of what it means when caustic protestors hurt others physically or emotionally. Fear of what it says about our society when we teach our children that cultural tradition has never contributed a single thing to the advancement of knowledge or understanding. And fear of feckless apostates like Bad Wrappers who strap us down with a network of rules and regulations. Our goal must now be to embrace diversity. If you believe that that’s a worthwhile goal, then I can surely use your help. Let me hear from you.

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