31 killed in the fight for Freedom

January 26, 2005


Today we mourn the deaths of thirty marines and one sailor in a tragic helicopter crash in Iraq. As it stands now preliminary reports on the cause have all but ruled out an attack, but rather the fault of the pilot or due to a sandstorm in the area. I hope this is due to one of the latter and not an attack.

In times of war, be it against a distinct or unknown enemy, a person must make sacrifices in the name of that war. Both sides must make antagonist of one another to rally the support of their people. These men were doing their job of promoting peace and waging war on the insurgency. There final mission was to bring much needed supplies to polling places for the Iraqi Election that is just days away on January 30.

For the first time in these Iraqi’s lives they will have the chance to participate in a free, fair, and competitive election, one of the three qualities all successful democracies must have. There have been many estimates made by analyst on what the turn out will be, and many are low but just as many are very promising. I have seen figures where they think the turnout will be in the sixty five to eighty percent ranges. Now I ask how can this be in a country that is supposedly in such bad shape that just walking out of your home puts you at risk?

The country, by some of the latest figures I have seen, is ninety percent stable with the left over ten percent being the trouble spots. If you look at a map almost all of the attacks take place in the same areas. The medias of the world have set their focus on the negatives of the war and one triangle in the center of the country to sell their news. This completely lives up to the philosophy of “bad news sells” that is shared by most media outlets. When Fox News did the “What We Have Accomplished” short on their syndicated Fox News Sunday I thought that this was a positive turn in the reporting on the events happening in Iraq. But since this I have seen few highlights of the “good” things happening in Iraq.

Needless to say the elections will take place on January 30, they most certainly will have there own problems and may create new problems. Any problems resulting from the elections will eventually be phased out and the Iraqi’s will have a country of their own. Whether or not you agree with the war we are in it and we are in to deep to abandon it now. I firmly believe that one-day Iraq will be a great democracy proving that democracies can survive in the Middle East and that the United States’ power will prevail making the world a safer place to live.


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