Pen or Pencil, what are you?

January 24, 2005

Sunday at church my preacher had a very good sermon with some very excellent points. I would like to share and analogy he did with pencils and pens.


Pencils and Pens, what a person uses can sometimes tell you something about that person. First you have to ask yourself what is the difference between a pencil and a pen. The major difference is that with a pencil you can erase, but with a pen you are stuck with what you wrote.

A person who primarily uses a pen can be seen as a determined, unwavering, overly confident person. The person feels they make no mistakes and have no need to erase. When writing say a paper they can go start to finish without making mistakes, they can take notes without missing a thing, they can create anything with there pen and never mess up. If you do make a mistake it tarnishes your paper and you can scribble it out, but you still have leftovers of the mistake. Now we all know that the first part about perfection is not true to the extreme, but makes you think about the pen.

Moving on to a pencil. The pencil is for people unsure, can be seen as lacking self-confidence, and can easily be changed. When you use a pencil if you make a mistake you can easily fix it. You can erase and erase and most of your marks are gone. The pencil is no permanent and you are never stuck with what you wrote.

Now lets relater this to life. Pencil people can go through life and if they see things not going there way they can change it. Think about when you erase a part of a paper multiple times what happens? The piece begins to fade away and eventually wear a hole in you paper, or life. When you continually erase things from life you will begin to corrode at your life itself, this can be mental or physical.

Pen people on the other hand like I said can’t go back and fix their mistakes; they can only try and scribble it out. Scribbling it out only does one thing, makes a splotch in your life forever that is unchangeable. You can add, or you can blotch it out leaving a flaw in your “perfect” paper.

So what should we be the pencil or the paper? Well you could be the word processor, but that’s not an option. I say be the hybrid, we have all see those erasable pens with the eraser at the end. With these you can make permanent decisions, but at they same time go back and at least make the mistake less visible but always there. This allows you to have the best of both worlds. Be a pen, be a pencil, or be a hybrid, it’s your decision. If you’re the pencil don’t let temptations stray you down the wrong path, be confident. For then pen people, don’t let your pride over take you. Yes it’s true you can actually make a mistake, I kid you not, always keep in mind your not perfect. And for those hybrid people, pick the best traits of both worlds; be confident and unwavering, but at the same time accept your faults and sometimes you have to go back and fix things.


::Sorry if the entry seems a little confusing or poorly written. Like most of the time lately I have not had much time, so I had to get this typed up as soon as possible without really having time to think about the entry. Enjoy, try and piece my thoughts together and then ponder on it::


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