Inauguration: Fit for a King

January 20, 2005

Today is the day that we inaugurate our President for the next four years. I have never hidden the fact I am a strong supporter of President Bush, and looking back at my post you can see that those post were biased during the election horserace. I would like to think that all my hard work in maintaining this blog during those many weeks and months at least shifted one vote to Bush. To be honest with you I would be happy if I only affected one vote for either candidate, just the fact they took there time to vote made all of it worth it. Today all the work of the people who helped Bush win the election will come to an end, the hard work will finally see its final pay off and a new chapter in American History will begin.

America through the ages has been unique its transfers of power. Throughout history the transfer of power in a government has been full of violence and anarchy. The United States to this date has yet to have either. People have the right to protest and the right to support, but the one thing that has been preserved is the peaceful transfer of the power of the Presidency.

            The day of inauguration is one of the few days in a Presidency that the man who holds that position it treated like a king in a ceremony fit for the monarchy of large kingdoms. When I see the stage of the inauguration and watch re-runs of past inaugurations I cannot help but think of the great kingdoms of the past like the Roman Empire. I imagine that our process of inducting of the President must have been much like it was when greats like Alexander took power. The large crowds coming to show there support, the honoring of the man who takes power, and the overwhelming pride an American must have in our democracy. The inauguration is the day in which Americans should forget their differences from the election and begin show their support* for their leader, the leader of the free world, the leader of our nation. Lets face it, like it or not your stuck with him so make the best of it, set your differences aside for the day and once it’s over use your right to protest and try and make a difference in America.

            When you watch the inauguration today I want one thing to be on your mind. I want you to imagine a Kings induction and compare it to our President’s induction. By no means am I trying to imply the spoof of “King George”, but I only am trying to convey my thoughts of inaugurations. Today is George Bush’s day, one of the few days in which he is allowed to be treated as a king, the day that marks the begging of his Presidency.


*Remember he is your leader and no matter what you have to support him, but you don’t have to agree with him. Keep in mind by support I mean support for the person, which is different than support for what he does. You have the right to change America and he is one of your tickets to that change. Support him in your prayers, your thoughts, and your hopes. He is your leader for the next four years and he will play a direct role in your future.


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