My thoughts on Martin Luther King Day (may offend some)

January 17, 2005

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Day here in the United States. The federal holiday is to celebrate the birth and life of a god, sorry I mean Martin Luther King. I said “god” because the man, yes man, has been put upon a pedestal greater than many other important figures in American history. Now don’t get me wrong Dr. King was a great man, and what he did was just as great but the people that made his life what it is are ignored.

            When you ask the average American citizen whom John Locke is chances are they won’t know the answer, but ask them who King is and they can give you an answer quickly. Why does King have a day when the founders of this nation have none? Why does King have a day when George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and countless others that without them King would have never existed not have a day? The simple answer is political correctness and liberal elites have hijacked this nation.

            George Washington and Abraham Lincoln once had there own days to there own where we paid respects to there lives, but now they are thrown into a watered down and almost unimportant holiday called Presidents Day. We get the day off and here some speeches, but in some respects King Day is more important to some people.

            Now to John Locke, I personally think August 29 should also be a National Holiday to honor the man who planted the seed of America. In case you don’t know who he is let me briefly tell you. Have you heard the phrase “life, liberty, and the pursuit of property”? Locke believed that people could be in a contract with one another for a particular kind of government, and that they could modify or even abolish the government. The founders of our nation used Locke’s theorys on life and government to write the Decleration of Independence and provide the foundations of American government. The phrase “life, liberty, and the pursuit of property” was also used by Thomas Jefferson to come up with his world renound and imfamous “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. He felt Locke’s vision was to exclusive to land owners, so Jefferson wanted to be more inclusive by saying all people have the right to be happy.

            To close I ask you why is King seen as a more important figure in America than the very people who created America. When will we begin to respect those who founded America like Jefferson, Locke, and Franklin and stop practicing political correctness to keep the minority happy. I challenge you this MLK Day to not only pay respects to King, which to an extent you should, but also all year long and today pay respects to our founders and other important figures in the story of America.


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